Long Lasting Spray

then generously spray a water based deodorant on the chest and back – directly in contact with the skin, but from a distance.

When the surface of your skin is smooth, your makeup will glide on evenly and last longer. Most of us tend to skimp on this.

When it comes to the application of perfume, spray some and allow it to sink into the skin. Don’t apply it only on the wrist, but your neck, elbows and chest too! If you want the perfume to last for.

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KY Duration Spray For Men10 Best Glitter Hairsprays For Ridiculously Sparkly Hair – Spray a little amount of the spray onto your tresses and see how the fine glitter pieces fall perfectly. You can even layer.

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Here are some winter care tips that can make your perfume last longer and make you smell awesome.

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“This one is long-lasting and works well to add extra body to the hair.

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